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МодельЦена  ГодПробег
Nissan-Expert 1.8 8700 $ 2004 115000
Nissan Primera 2.0Diesel Turbo 6200 $ 2000 210000
Nissan Patrol 3.0 Di 16V (5 dr) (158 Hp) 19000 $ 2000 200000
Nissan 100 NX 1.6 Автомат 4300 $ 1993 144000
Nissan Skyline 95 г.в.GTS RB2.5 tween turbo 7500 $ 1995 125000
Nissan Laurel Medalist 3000 $ 1987 120000
Nissan Almera 9000 $ 2003 896780
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Larry Fitzgerald(ссылка) 18.03.18 03:19
tiffany solitaire tiffany solitaire tiffany cross
Leicester Tigers captain Tom Youngs taking inspiration from wife Tiffany's ongoing cancer battleFill 1Fill 1 tiffany and co france
Leicester Tigers captain Tom Youngs taking inspiration from wife Tiffany's ongoing cancer battle
Fill 1
Youngs will captain Leicester against Gloucester on Saturday
Ben Coles
15 September 2017 • 10:00pm
G iven his role as Leicester Tigers captain, Tom Youngs is unsurprisingly displeased by his side’s barren start to the season ahead of facing Gloucester on Saturday.
After defeats to Bath and Northampton, the 30 year-old England hooker is viewing the third Premiership fixture of the season as a cup final.
“We have to get a win,” he says. “We get that, we get our season started, then we can come in Monday and feel a bit better about ourselves.”
You could forgive Youngs, however, for being distracted. Four months have now passed since the news emerged that the cancer his wife, Tiffany, has been battling since 2014 is now terminal.
His brother, England scrum-half Ben Youngs, announced that he would not be heading on the British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand, instead staying at home to support his family.
Both Youngs brothers playing for the Lions in 2013
T iffany’s condition has thankfully improved enough for her to attend Leicester’s matches after what initially looked set to be an uncertain summer spent back in the family’s native Norfolk, when thoughts about the next season with Leicester went on the backburner.
“Tiff wasn’t particularly well end of May into June,” Youngs explains. “She has picked up massively now. It was all a bit up in the air. I didn’t know whether I was coming back, what the crack was.
“One of her big goals was to get back to Leicester. I knew that one of the goals was to go back to Norfolk, have some great family time, but also to get back up here and get back to family life up here. She has achieved that. She’s doing really, really well at the moment.
“We’ve been doing a few different things and that’s been helping, nutrition-wise we’ve been hitting it pretty hard.
“Again, that takes the load off me. If she’s good, I am pretty much good. If she is suffering or whatever, it will affect me.
“She is coming to the games. She is taking it how it is, switching to a positive mindset on it and just getting on with it, taking it as it comes.”
Youngs with his wife Tiffany and daughter Maisie
Y oungs’ motivation to excel for his club has hardly been in short supply over the years, symbolised by his rise from converted centre to becoming club captain last year.
That drive has only increased while watching his wife of five years battle her illness with such a positive attitude. He discusses the resilience she has displayed over the last few months with clear pride.
“She is an inspirational lady, I can tell you that. She is a very strong character. She doesn’t moan, she gets on with it. It is amazing watching her.
“She probably doesn’t believe that herself, but she is an amazing woman. What she’s gone through is pretty horrendous, but she is still there, still smiling, still pretty honest and open and talking about it.
“She has done very well and probably made me into a better person having watched her experience this.”
Myself and Tiffany have been overwhelmed with the messages of support we have received this week. We would like to thank you all! X — Tom Youngs (@TomYoungs87) 14 May 2017
R eturning to Leicester for pre-season training allowed Youngs moments of distraction from the situation at home when he needed them. That said, he has never used the difficult last few months as a reason to justify falling short of his own high standards when with Leicester.
“Generally, I’m a committed bloke, so when I am here, I am committed to rugby. When I am at home, I am committed to that – with rugby a bit coming in at night to try and do my own work. When I am here, it is rugby rugby and I have to show that commitment to the boys. 
“[I’m] not using it as an excuse ever. It is what it is, the news is out there, I’ve got to carry on and keep going. I love my rugby and it is a great way for me to get away from the stuff at home at times.”
Relinquishing the Leicester captaincy was also never on the table. Youngs might be the designated captain at Tigers but he is surrounded by leaders - George Ford, his brother Ben, Dan Cole - all with their own roles.
“I am not as good as Fordy at explaining the game-plan. There is no point in me doing it. Really, it is up to my brother and Fordy to do that. You’ve got to let those guys lead. Don’t step on their toes.”
Aviva Premiership team of the weekend: Who shone in round two?
L eicester’s on-field fortunes still clearly matter, even if they might understandably pale into insignificance compared to his wife’s health. It is a horrendous juggling act, albeit one that has helped Youngs empathise with any Leicester players dealing with their own issues away from the Oval Park training base.
That ability to take a positive out of a nightmare situation speaks volumes about Youngs’ character. It also serves as a reminder that, win or lose on Saturday, Leicester are in very good hands.
“‘It is only a game‘ and all that – but it isn’t, really,” Youngs reflects. “It is a little more than only a game. It really does mean quite a lot for us. To be successful is a massive driving force in why we get up in the morning.” 
“It does give me a reality check. It does give me a better understanding. I can help guys if they are having problems at home – I can say: ‘This is how I’ve dealt with it‘.
“Yes, with what’s going on, [rugby] is a small thing compared to that. But it does mean a lot to me.”
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International Flower Festival FLORA| 20 – 29 October in C?rdoba, Spain
C?rdoba, 25nd September 2017.- The city of C?rdoba (Spain) will held from 20th to 29th October the first edition of the International Flower Festival, FLORA, a unique and remarkable event in Spain and in the world which will bring together the best international and national artists in this field to intervene –each of them with their exclusive and individual hallmark- in eight institutional patios in the city. Overall, eight spectacular and ephemeral floral installations will be created for the event and they just could be visited for free during those days.
In this way, FLORA, International Flower Festival presents an unprecedented cultural exchange between such a traditional space as the patios of C?rdoba and such a contemporary and surprising art as the one of floral installations, a kind dialogue between tradition and innovation meant to become a must within the Spanish cultural agenda.
In this first edition, eight guest artists are participating: Alfie Lin (China), Flores Cosmos (Mexico), In Water Flowers (UK), Isabel Mar?as –under the artistic name of Elisabeth Blumen- (Spain), Loose Leaf (Australia), Natasha Lisitsa & Daniel Schultz (USA), Patrick Nadeau (France) and Tomas de Bruyne (Belgium).
Each of them will intervene in one of the eight institutional patios selected for the occasion: Palace of Orive, Posada del Potro, Archaeological Museum, Vimcorsa, Bullfighting Museum, Office of the Department of Tourism, Municipal Archives and Antonio Gala Foundation.
The patio assigned to each artist, the jury and other news will be revealed during the press conference to present the festival, which is going to be held in C?rdoba on 28th September.
FLORA is also born to acknowledge the work of the best floral artist worldwide, an artistic universe still unknown for many people and lacking, until now, a prize of international importance. Three big prizes, awarded by an international jury and worth €60,000, €40,000 and €20.000 respectively, will place this festival, held in a city having such a close connection to the floral world as C?rdoba, in the international sphere.
The characteristic festival prize is being designed by the prestigious Spanish jewellery brand Gold & Roses, widely linked to the art world and to locally and traditionally manufactured art .
Furthermore, the most renowned representative of the contemporary botanic drawing participated in the creation of the official poster: Katie Scott. The British illustrator prepared an exclusive floral composition from several common flowers in her book Botanicum (2016).
Once the artists have been selected, the countdown starts to enjoy FLORA, a festival born from the private initiative of Zizai Hotels, S.L. and co-organized by C?rdoba City Hall, aimed to boost the city, i.e. having a positive impact on tourism, economy and art. The event also expects to involve the city itself, first of all, the general public and both local and international agents, bringing up C?rdoba as a reference in the world scene of contemporary floral art.
Next autumn all culture enthusiasts will have a unique opportunity to discover an almost unprecedented art in Spain and a star appointment to be seduced by the incomparable charm and beauty of the patios of C?rdoba.
Alfie Lin
(China-Taiwan, 1973)
For Alfie Lin, flowers not only afford beauty from a visual perspective, but also a profound emotional experience. Renowned in the floral art world for his marvellous work at Fuchun Resort in Hangzhou, he has also worked for labels such as Fendi, Dior, Loewe, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany. One of his most highly internationally acclaimed pieces is Forest Bus, a bus that was turned into an authentic “mobile forest”, which managed to bedeck the streets of Taipei, literally and metaphorically, in Nature. In 1998 he created his business, CNFlower. He has been chosen as “Man of the Year” by GQ magazine China.
Flores Cosmos
Alberto Arango (City of M?xico, Mexico, 1980)
Ramiro Guerrero (Toluca, Mexico, 1979)
Ten years ago, in Barcelona, they had a vision of returning to Mexico to make a radical change in their lives: opening a florist’s. At FLORA, having by now become a benchmark for floral art in Latin America, they return to Spain to bring a marvellous circle to a close, as they have asserted. Their signature style features experimentation in shapes, colours and materials. They work with flowers as they could with any other material: what they do is pure sensitivity, artistic vision and creative boldness. They dream of setting up a floral installation at the Sculpture Space in the UNAM, in the forest of Kyoto or on the moon.
In Water Flowers
Their intervention at the National Gallery in London in June 2016 showed thousands of people from around the world how far a floral installation can go: the only limits are the artist’s imagination and creativity. With more than 26,000 flowers (tulips, peonies, carnations, freesia, calla lilies and roses) they reproduced a small painting by Flemish painter Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder, turning it into a 35-square meter installation. Robert Hornsby, creative director of the firm founded in 1999 with Claire Garabedian, started out in the world of flowers driving a delivery van (quite often rearranging the flowers he was supposed to deliver). Today he is one of London’s boldest flower designers.
Isabel Mar?as (Elisabeth Blumen)
(Madrid, Spain, 1978)
She studied Fashion Design at the Escuela Superior de Dise?o de Madrid and was fully devoted to fashion for several years, designing her own collection and working for designers such as Matthew Williamson, Juan Duyos and Sybilla. Yet she felt something was missing: flowers. She opened her first florist’s in 2010 and, under her signature Elisabeth Blumen line, currently works for labels and institutions such as Loewe, Balenciaga, Repsol, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, the Sorolla Museum, MNCARS and Microsoft. She has been the creative director of LOEWE Flores since 2016. Her surprising colour combinations are part of her personal hallmark, which also features the concept of delicacy.
Loose Leaf
Wona Bae (Muahn, South Korea, 1976)
Charlie Lawler (Hobart, Australia)
When Wona and Charlie met in Germany – she was taking a Master’s course in floristry and he was working at the United Nations – the floral art world gained a pair of artists determined to introduce nature into our lives. Their “botanical design” studio, in a former warehouse in Melbourne, is a magical place for natural experimentation. Everything Loose Leaf creates is a result of observation of Nature. Beyond their famous “Monstera chandeliers”, those marvellous hanging installations of monsters and palm tree leaves that have made them so highly acclaimed, Charlie and Wona’s proposals always encourage us to reconnect with Nature.
Natasha Lisitsa & Daniel Schultz (Waterlily Pond)
Colouristic, cheerful and with a taste for the stunning, Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz, a couple from the United States, have filled more than 1500 weddings and other events with flowers and have created floral installations at museums such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the de Young Museum. Their large-scale work is particularly impressive (some of their installations have weighed up to 1000 kg). Natasha, an engineer by training, contributes her knowledge of flowers in creating lively, intense stories (her style has been described as “exuberant ikebana”), while Daniel, an architect, is inspired by modern art and architecture to create new spaces and surprising structures.
Patrick Nadeau
(La Rochelle, France, 1955)
The work of this architect with a passion for plants and flowers falls under the label of “vegetal design”. He is also known for his teaching work, as research lecturer at the ESAD de Reims where he created the first vegetal design studio in an art school in Europe. His installations mix material from nature with artificial elements, endeavouring to introduce the natural element into our lives (he designs wonderful pots and stands for interior plants). Contemporary Art Foundation, Elle D?co, Herm?s and Kenzo-Parfums are a few of his customers. He has been artistic director of the French firm, Laorus, since 2016.
Tomas De Bruyne
(Bruges, Belgium, 1970)
Boasting a long list of awards in floral art competitions, he also participates as a panel member. In addition to his work as a floral artist, he is an outstanding instructor and has published important work in the world of flowers. In 2013, he created and patented his own variety of Gloriosa lily, or climbing lily: Gloriosa Tomas De Bruyne. For this reason, and because of how spectacular, though also delicate, his work typically is, he is one of the best-known floral artists on the international scene.
Related posts: The Pumpkin Tree... Sunflowers; Care and Handling Color Guide to Italian Ranunculus
October 16, 2017 6:00 am Alicia Leave a Comment Filed Under: All about Flowers Reader Interactions
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This Tiffany & Co. World Discovery Limited Edition Trinket Box made in France in 2000 is in mint condition. The bottom part without the top in place is 2" tall and 5" in diameter. It comes with the original Tiffany & Co. aqua/blue box.
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